Spanish wine with artisan gouda cheese.

Spanish wine with artisan Gouda cheese is an ideal combination.

Nobody can deny that Dutch cheese goes very well with Spanish wines. And especially the Dutch, living in Spain, will know all about it. But what is the best way to combine cheese and wine, according to their taste characteristics, and are there rules for this? And is it true that a good cheese should always be served with red wine?

In the deepest sense, of course, there are no real rules and we must stick to the premise that “tastes differ”, but some guidelines can be given.

Why don’t all cheeses go with all wines? The answer is simple: because cheese – in addition to the milk protein – contains a lot of fat, the fine aromas of the wine take a back seat. Therefore, sharp cheeses with an intense flavour go well with full-bodied (tannin-rich) white or red wines. Mild cheeses go better with milder wines.

For example, it is best to choose a wine that mirrors a cheese in terms of flavour, or to take the flavour intensity of both as a starting point. For example, with a sweet hole cheese, it is good to drink a slightly sweet white wine such as Diamante, but a young red Cosechero is also preferable. A stronger wine, such as Cariñena, goes well with cumin or clove cheese, but so does a spicy wine aged in oak. Taking into account the structure and taste of cheese, we can all look for a wine that suits us.

Artisan Gouda cheese with Spanish wine.

All kinds of red wines go perfectly with this type of cheese: Ribera de Duero, Rioja, La Mancha, depending on the age of the cheese. If it is mature, you can also drink white and spicy Rueda with it.

Spanish wine and artisan gouda cheese combinations to try;

Young artisanal Gouda cheese.

Instead of a young red wine, it is at least as attractive to try a sweet white wine, such as the “Diamante” from La Rioja.

Old artisanal Gouda cheese.

Strong red wines, from La Mancha, Extremadura, Bierzo…

Young artisan gouda cheese with cumin.

More acidic white wines, such as txakoli, go well with this slightly fresh cumin cheese.

Old artisan gouda cheese with cumin.

We recommend Cariñena or a red wine such as Oporto. Also, a “Fino” or a “Moriles” can be experienced as a good combination.