Artisan cheeses from the cheese farm.

Artisan Dutch Gouda cheeses.

We make the traditional farmhouse Gouda cheese the way it has been made for centuries in the Netherlands at the cheese farm with the milk of our own cows.

Farmhouse gouda is a Dutch cheese that is made largely by hand from raw milk. Since 2007 it has been protected by the European Union as a guaranteed traditional specialty. Only Dutch Gouda cheese which is prepared according to traditional and controlled methods on a farm may be sold as an artisan farmhouse Gouda cheese.

Farmhouse cheeses.

The cheese is always made by the farmer himself. There are separate areas on the farm with modern equipment for this purpose. Whereas in the past everything had to be moved by hand, nowadays there is an electric drive. For example, the cutting blades, for separating the whey from the curd and other operations. Despite these aids, the work is still largely manual and requires a lot of experience. Knowledge is often passed down from father to son, with a family recipe. Hygiene plays an important role here.

Because of the raw milk, the taste of farmhouse cheese is essentially different from that of factory cheese. As the milk is not heated, the enzymes and bacteria present in the cheese remain active during ripening. Farmhouse cheese is, therefore, more pungent, more complex, and more flavourful than factory cheese: the taste palette of farmhouse cheese is broader, and the aftertaste lasts longer and is more intense. In addition, the taste of farmhouse cheese differs from farm to farm. This is due to the different milk breeds, the different feed, the season of the year, and, of course, also the craftsmanship of the cheesemaker. The production process of cheese making on the farm, but also the sale and inspection of the cheese, must be accurately recorded.

Gouda cheeses.

The word gouda is probably familiar to you, and the association you have with it is, of course, cheese. Say gouda, then you say cheese, but there are big differences in quality between “gouda“ and Dutch gouda. Want to know more about Dutch gouda cheese?

Gouda is available worldwide in supermarkets and cheese shops but is also produced industrially all over the world. The only real authentic Gouda is still made in the traditional way by farmers in the Netherlands.

We produce artisan whole Gouda cheeses (cheese wheels) with an average weight of 12 kg and small kilo cheeses. In our shop in Malaga, the cheese is freshly cut to the desired weight.

Assortment of Dutch farmhouse Gouda cheeses.

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Farmhouse Gouda cheeses.
4 weeks matured Gouda cheese.
2 months matured Gouda cheese.
4 months matured Gouda cheese.
7 months matured Gouda cheese
12 months matured Gouda cheese.
Gouda cheese matured for more than 12 months.

Cumin Gouda cheese.

Farmhouse Gouda cheese with cumin.
Gouda cheese with cumin matured 2 months.
Gouda cheese with cumin matured 7 months.
Gouda cheese with cumin matured for 12 months.

Herbed Gouda cheese.

Farmhouse Gouda cheese with herbs.
Gouda cheese with fenugreek matured 2 months.
Gouda cheese with tomato & herbs matured 2 months.

Assortment of small “kilo” Dutch farmhouse Gouda cheeses.

Small “kilo” farmhouse Gouda cheeses.
Chives & garden herbs.
Stinging nettle.
Honey clover.
Cumin & cloves.
Peppers, onions, and garlic.
Tomato, onion, and chives.

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Artisan GoudaDutch farmer’s gouda cheese
Brand:Craxi Cheese.
Quality mark:Dutch farmer’s gouda.
Country:The Netherlands.
Milk:Milk from our own cows.
Treatment:Raw milk.

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