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Robert de L'Or
Goede kaas! Fijn dat dit Nederlandse gerecht hier te vinden is! Super!
Élodie Marie Caubu
Fromages de grande qualité. J'ai goûté plusieurs types de goudas (piquant, à l'ail et à l'oignon, au basilic, au cumin...) et je les ai tous beaucoup appréciés. La jeune fille explique bien les différents goudas qu'elle vend et est très sympathique.
Bruno y Gert Hannon
Very tasteful cheese and very prompt service and delivery!
José Manuel Muriel Jiménez
Queso sin sal perfecto para hipertensos muy sabroso y con una textura perfecta.
Richard Rodriguez
Si quieres comprar el mejor queso holandés online, aquí tienes tu mejor opción. Envío rápido y con seguimiento continu. Packaging perfecto para el queso. 100% recomendable
Caitlin Thöne
Lovely cheese! Happy that I’ve found a place in Malaga where I can buy the best cheese.
Tim Olav Oosterveld
Very good cheese, lovely bloke. This business is a family business. All around beautiful.
Mette Kyster
Excellent artisan cheeses! So far, my great favourite is the Iberian Herbs - sophisticated and subtle. The fenogreco is very delicately flavoured; while the cumin is a bit more robust, but also delicious. New on the scene are the artisan goat cheeses - scrumptious and very low in accidity. Varios flavours. Then you have the many degrees of maturation - I defy anyone not to find a cheese to love! My very best wishes to the young entrepreneurs, who couldn't be kinder or more pleasent.

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