Artisan unsalted Gouda cheese made by Craxi Queso.

Unsalted cheese for people with hypertension, 1 kilo cheese wheel of salt-free artisan raw milk Gouda

Artisanal Gouda unsalted cheese.

Do you follow a salt-free or low-salt diet?

Artisan farmhouse cheese already has a significantly lower salt content than factory cheese. The salt content of artisan farmhouse cheese is even lower than that of factory cheese, which is offered with less salt.

Why does artisanal Gouda cheese have a lower salt content?

Artisanal Gouda farmhouse cheese is made from raw milk and remains in the brine bath for a shorter period of time. Cheese factories use milk from many different suppliers. Since the quality of each milk supplier is different, the milk is standardised and, in order to get some flavour in the cheese, it is left in the brine bath for a longer period.

The difference in salt content between factory-made Gouda and artisanal Gouda cheese.

Factory cheese remains longer in the brine bath than artisan Gouda cheese. As a result, factory cheese loses more moisture and becomes saltier. A normal factory cheese has a salt content of approximately 3.5%. A factory cheese with “25% less salt” has a salt content of approximately 2.5%. Artisan Gouda cheese has a salt content of approximately 2%.

If you follow a salt-free or low-salt diet, you can still enjoy a delicious cheese full of flavour.

At the cheese farm in the Netherlands, we also make unsalted cheese in the traditional way. This cheese does not go through the brine bath and therefore does not absorb the salt. As this unsalted cheese is made from raw milk, it still has a lot of flavour.

Unsalted cheese in small “kilo” cheeses.

Saltless artisan Gouda for a salt-free diet or low salt diet
SALTLESS GOUDA CHEESE 48+1-kilo cheese wheel
BRAND NAMECraxi cheese
TYPE OF MILKCow’s milk
TYPE OF CHEESEGouda farmer’s cheese

For whom is unsalted cheese recommended?

Although everyone should watch their salt intake, this certainly applies to the following individuals.

There are different reasons why someone might follow a low-salt or salt-free diet. Some of the people who may benefit from this type of diet include:

Hypertension or high blood pressure – Reducing salt intake can help control blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Kidney disease – A low-salt diet may be recommended for those with kidney disease or kidney filtration problems, as it helps to reduce the workload on the kidneys.
Fluid retention – Salt restriction can help reduce fluid retention in the body, especially in cases of oedema or swelling.
Liver disease – Some liver diseases can be aggravated by excessive salt intake, so a low-salt diet may be recommended.
Certain heart disorders – Some heart disorders may benefit from a low-salt diet to reduce the workload on the heart.

It is always important to consult a health professional before making significant changes to your diet, especially if you have a specific medical condition.

Craxi unsalted Gouda cheese is available at our cheese shop in Málaga, or can be ordered online through our webshop. Delivery only for mainland Spain.

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Gouda unsalted cheese in small "kilo" cheeses, Gouda artisan cheese for people who need to follow a salt-free diet such as with Hypertension or high blood pressure, kidney disease, fluid retention, liver disease or in certain heart conditions.