The crystals in old Gouda cheese are they salt crystals?

What are those crystals in old cheese looking like white dots?

These crystals in your cheese are not salt crystals. The white specks in your old cheese are made up of protein. This protein is converted into amino acid and calcium salt during the ripening process and this causes crystals to form in the cheese.

Your old cheese contains salt, but not salt crystals. The cheese crystals are made up of protein and this is logical because the dairy in cheese is naturally a source of protein and calcium. For example, a 20 gram slice of Gouda cheese contains 225 mg of calcium and 5,000 mg of protein.

However, protein alone is not enough for a protein crystal. There has to be a germ (start) to which the protein can attach. This can be a dead bacterial cell, a dust particle, or an irregular surface of the cheese. As the cheese matures, a protein crystal forms around this germ and is visible to the naked eye.

Crystals in old cheese are a delicacy.

We evaluate the white points of our old cheese as positive. For example, our old gouda cheese is only delivered when it has a nice little crystal.

During production, the cheese “swims” between half a day and five days in this bath, which is filled with a strong solution (18-22%) of cooking salt.

During this period, the cheese absorbs some of this solution. This absorption rate differs depending on the cheese: A normal factory cheese has a salt content of about 3.5%. A factory cheese with “25% less salt” has a salt content of about 2.5%. Artisan gouda cheese has a salt content of approximately 2%.

For us, a protein crystal is a sign of a good, fully ripened flavour. In addition, protein deposits add depth to the structure of the cheese. You can taste them.

Protein crystals and good old cheese are therefore to us inseparable.

Artisanal raw milk Craxi Gouda with crystals.

1, 2 and 3 years matured Gouda cheese, old raw milk Gouda cheese with crystals

It takes time to get the tastiest naturally ripened cheese with crystals and these start to form after about 10 months of ripening.

The price for our raw milk 12, 24 and 36-month-old artisan Gouda cheese.

Price Craxi Gouda with Crystals1 year old Gouda2 years old Gouda3 years old Gouda
Weight 500 g€ 11,70€ 14,20€ 14,80
Weight 1 kilo€ 23,40€ 28,40€ 29,60

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What are those crystals in old gouda cheese looking like white dots?