Craxi Gouda truffle cheese.

Dutch artisan Gouda truffle cheese.

A connoisseur’s delight, truffle cheese!
Cheese and truffle. What a beautiful combination. The Italian black truffle is an exclusive product. A product for true gourmets. Logical, because this truffle cannot be cultivated. It has a special soil (calcareous), a specific climate (Mediterranean), and a suitable tree to obtain the best results. The best trees are evergreen oaks, but some species of pines and hazelnut trees are also considered. In the proper Italian hills, dogs and pigs are sent into the mountains to search for truffles in the depths with their excellent sense of smell. Truffle hunters prefer to work with dogs rather than pigs. Pigs are difficult to control after a truffle find.

Craxi cheese incorporates this black gold in its truffled farmhouse cheese. A fantastic combination. Craxi cheese brings together the goodness of unpasteurised farmhouse cheese with the exciting earthy aroma of Italian truffle. The black truffle makes this cheese irresistible. A proud addition to a cheese plate or processed in a recipe, a hit with everyone!

Dutch 48+ Farmhouse Gouda is made from fresh, raw milk, which guarantees the full, rich flavour of the cheese. The addition of real truffle gives this cheese a special and pronounced taste.

Specifications and price of artisan mini gouda black summer truffle cheese.

Artisanal Craxi Gouda 48+ with truffleOrigin The Netherlands
Cow’s milkRaw milk
Height truffled cheese±7,0 cm
Diameter truffled cheese±10,3 cm
Mini wheel weight±500gr
Price€ 11,75

Our Dutch Gouda 48+ farmhouse cheese that we sell in our cheese shop in Malaga, Spain, is still made by hand according to a centuries-old tradition and recipe from fresh raw milk at the cheese farm in the Netherlands. The result is the pure taste of Gouda cheese with a deliciously characteristic and powerful flavour that we are proud of.

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Are you curious and do you want to experience the taste of real authentic Gouda cheese? Our gouda farmhouse cheeses are available in our Craxi Gouda cheese shop in Malaga.

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Artisan Dutch Gouda cheese from raw cow’s milk.