Craxi Dutch artisan mini gouda cheese.

Artisan mini gouda cheese.

These delicious artisan Dutch farm gouda cheeses with herbs are ideal to surprise a cheese lover.

But they are not only nice to give as an original present, but of course also to enjoy yourself, on a cheese board with a nice glass of wine or to use in a recipe, but our Craxi gouda cheese is also delicious on a good piece of bread.

Artisanal Craxi mini Gouda cheese 48+Origin The Netherlands
Type of milkRaw cow’s milk
Type of rennetNatural
Height mini wheel±7,0 cm
Diameter mini wheel±10,3 cm
Weight mini wheel±500gr

Price and weight Craxi artisan mini gouda cheese wheels.

Artisan mini gouda cheese 48+Weight mini wheelPrice
Natural±500gr€ 9,60
Cumin±500gr€ 9,60
Fenugreek±500gr€ 9,60
Onion & Garlic±500gr€ 9,60
Spicy±500gr€ 9,60
Italian±500gr€ 9,60
Green Pesto±500gr€ 9,60
Red Pesto±500gr€ 9,60
Black Truffle±500gr€ 11,75

What else is in our mini gouda herb cheese?

Gouda cheeseDutch farmhouse cheese with
NaturalGouda without herbs
CuminGouda with cumin seeds
FenugreekGouda with fenugreek
Onion & GarlicGouda with onion, garlic, paprika, ginger, horseradish
SpicyGouda with chillies
ItalianGouda with tomato chunks, onion, paprika, garlic, basil, thyme, pepper
Pesto GreenGouda with pepper, basil, garlic, oregano leaf, paprika
Pesto RedGouda with chilli, pepper, basil, garlic, oregano leaf, paprika
Black TruffleGouda with black summer truffle

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Of course, we can tell you that our farm cheese is the most delicious, but we can only convince you of this when you visit us. Feel free to visit us to try some samples of our gouda farm cheese!

Are you curious and do you want to experience the taste of real authentic Gouda cheese? Our gouda farmhouse cheeses are available in our Craxi Gouda cheese shop in Malaga.

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