Naturally matured artisanal old Gouda cheese.

Let’s dive into the world of old cheese.

Cheese, with its rich flavors and textures, has been a beloved food for centuries. Among the diverse range of cheeses available, there is a special category that stands out – old cheese. Aged to perfection, old cheese offers a unique taste experience that cheese enthusiasts often crave. However, does the term “old cheese” always imply the same thing?

Whereas cosmetic manufacturers develop products to look younger, cheese manufacturers do exactly the opposite! New innovations are being used in cheese factories, such as adding maturation accelerators, which reduce the time it takes for the cheese to acquire the flavour of aged cheese. Fast maturation means lower maintenance and storage costs and therefore a higher profit margin.

In the Netherlands, for example, you can only label Gouda cheese as old after 10 months of ripening. This applies to the Dutch word ‘oud‘, but it does not apply to the English word old!

We all know well-known Dutch cheese brands that use the English word old on their cheese. You might think this is done because these cheeses are sold internationally but the Dutch word ‘oud‘ is not allowed on these cheeses in the Netherlands and if you have read the above, you will know why!

The passage of time is needed to get the tastiest naturally aged old cheese.

Unlike cheeses aged with the aid of artificial processes, our raw milk Gouda cheese embraces the passage of time as its primary ally. It is a patient dance between nature and craftsmanship. As the cheese ages, the cheese wheel is turned regularly, ensuring an even distribution of flavor, resulting in a harmonious taste profile.

Our pricing for our 12, 24 and 36 months matured old Gouda farmer’s cheese.

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Our prices for 1, 2 and 3-year matured raw milk Gouda cheese per 500g and 1 kilo.

Price aged artisan Gouda cheese1 year old Gouda2 years old Gouda3 years old Gouda
500g€ 11,70€ 14,20€ 14,80
1 kilo€ 23,40€ 28,40€ 29,60

We only use “time” to mature our cheeses, without additives, and our cows have names, not our cheeses! On the cheeses, we only mention the ripening time, so that you know what you are buying, as has been done on cheese farms in the Netherlands for hundreds of years.

Are you curious and do you want to experience the taste of real authentic Gouda cheese? Our Gouda raw milk farm cheeses are available in our Craxi Gouda cheese shop in Malaga, Spain.

Address Craxi Gouda cheese shop: Mercado de la Merced, Stall 14, Calle Merced 4, 29012 Malaga, Spain.

Our Dutch artisanal Gouda cheeses can also be ordered online through our webshop. Delivery only for mainland Spain.

If you have any questions regarding our Craxi Gouda cheeses, please contact us via the contact form on the website or use the WhatsApp button on this page.

Fast maturing, how to get the taste intensity of old cheese in a shorter ripening time.

The Dutch TV program ‘De keuringsdienst van waarde’ (The Value Inspection Service) took a look at the world of Dutch cheese. What did they discover? Old Amsterdam does not come from Amsterdam at all, nor can it be called old cheese!

Of course, we will be happy to share this information with you.

The difference between Old and Old. (Activate subtitles in the language of your choice)

Is it true what manufacturers claim and what they sell us in advertisements?

Since 2003, the “keuringsdienst van Waarde” has been doing investigative journalism on our food. Simple questions, surprising answers. Fascinating television about the stories in our shopping baskets.

The program gives an insight into food production and tells the story behind everyday supermarket products, from bananas to ‘fresh’ fish.

Keuringsdienst van waarde.

¿Cómo se consigue rápidamente la intensidad de sabor del queso viejo? Old cheese

The European Union has recognised Dutch Gouda farmer’s cheese as a Guaranteed Traditional Speciality (TSG). This means that only cheese prepared on the farm according to a traditional method of preparation with raw milk may be sold as Gouda farmer’s cheese. Gouda farmer’s cheese is the first Dutch product to be protected by the European regulation on guaranteed traditional specialities for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

How to Spot the Real Dutch Gouda?

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