1 year aged Craxi artisan Gouda cheese.

Craxi artisan Gouda cheese 1 year aged.

Despite its age, our 1 year aged artisanal Gouda cheese is still very easy to slice and small “salt crystals” have formed during the 12-month ripening process at the cheese farm in the Netherlands. This 1 year aged Gouda cheese becomes an eye-opening taste experience. A beautifully round, fully ripened Gouda farmer’s cheese with a robust texture and aromatic taste, made from unpasteurized cow milk.

For cheese lovers of aged cheese, this 1-year-old Gouda is a treat. The first bite reveals a smooth, dense texture that melts in your mouth, releasing a burst of complex flavors with a little crunch of “salt crystals”. For those who appreciate the taste of even older cheese, we also have 2-year and 3-year matured artisanal Gouda cheese!

The expert cheesemakers at the family cheese farm meticulously follow ancient traditions to produce authentic Gouda cheese, which will pleasantly surprise your taste buds with the taste of the original authentic Gouda. Craxi Gouda, distinguished by its creamy texture and nutty undertones, is crafted exclusively from the raw milk of contented cows that graze freely on lush pastures in the Netherlands.

The refining and ripening process of our 1 year old artisanal Gouda.

Refining cheese is a profession in itself, but this craft is also done on the cheese farm. Every day they are busy maintaining, turning and ripening the cheeses. During the aging process, that’s when the magic really happens! The cheese wheels are stored on wooden boards in a carefully controlled environment at the cheese farm, where temperature, humidity and the air flow are meticulously monitored. This patient maturation process results in a transformation of flavors and textures. Over the course of a year, the Gouda develops a firm texture with a slight crumble, and its taste profile evolves into complex notes that make this aged delight a culinary treasure.

Pairing Possibilities:

This aged Gouda is a versatile companion in the culinary world. Pair it with a full-bodied red wine to enhance its richness, or contrast its flavors with the crispness of a dry white wine. For a more rustic experience, spread it on a crusty baguette, or savor it alongside fresh fruit and nuts. The possibilities to use this 1-year matured Gouda cheese in your favorite dishes, hot or cold, are as endless as the cheese is timeless.

Craxi 12 months aged Gouda farmer’s cheese is a Guaranteed Traditional Specialty. All our Craxi farmer’s Gouda cheeses are still made traditionally with raw cow’s milk on the cheese farm in the Netherlands.

Craxi Gouda cheese the authentic Dutch artisan Gouda Cheese traditionally made with raw cow's milk on the cheese farm in the Netherlands. Farmstead Gouda natural with a ripening period of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36 months and Gouda cheeses with herbs and spices

The price of our 1 year aged Artisan Craxi Gouda Cheese.

1 year aged Gouda cheese with crystals. Craxi artisan raw milk Gouda cheese with a ripening period of 12 months
1 Year Old Craxi Gouda CheesePrice
Price per 500 grams€ 11.70
Price per 1 kilo€ 23.40

Craxi artisan Gouda cheese, aged for 1 year, is also for sale by weight as indicated below. Price upon request, please feel free to contact us.

1/4 – 1/2 – 1/1 Cheese Wheel of Craxi Gouda 1 year maturedWeight
Quarter (1/4) Gouda cheese wheel±3.75 kilo
Half (1/2) Gouda cheese wheel±7.5 kilo
Whole (1/1) Gouda cheese wheel±15 kilo

Our range of authentic raw milk Craxi Gouda consists of:

Furthermore to our 12-month old artisan Gouda, we also have Gouda cheeses with the following ripening periods: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36 months and an extensive range of Gouda cheese with aromatic fine herbs and spices.

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