Artisan Gouda cheese with black truffle by Craxi cheese.

What is the price of our artisan Gouda cheese with truffle?

At only €11.75 each, we offer you the opportunity to purchase this exquisite artisanal Gouda cheese with black truffle. Truffle enthusiasts who value the exciting earthy aroma of the black summer truffle are sure to enjoy this cheese. Our Truffle Gouda is made with fresh, unpasteurized cow’s milk, ensuring a rich, full flavor in every bite.

The flavor combination of raw milk Gouda cheese and truffle is truly exquisite. The Italian black truffle stands as an delicacy, reserved for the most discerning palates. It thrives in a very specific environment—calcareous soil, a Mediterranean climate, and a suitable host tree are all essential for its cultivation. While the preferred host trees are typically evergreen oaks, certain species of pine and hazelnut trees are also considered suitable. Amid the picturesque Italian hills, skilled truffle hunters employ the keen senses of dogs and pigs to scour the depths for these precious fungi. However, most truffle hunters favor working alongside dogs due to their easier manageability after a truffle discovery, as pigs can prove quite unruly in their excitement.

A treat for cheese lovers, truffle cheese!

This remarkable cheese seamlessly marries the rich flavors of unpasteurized farmstead cheese with the enchanting, earthy bouquet of Italian truffles. The inclusion of black truffle elevates this cheese to irresistible heights. Whether proudly displayed on a cheese platter or expertly incorporated into a recipe, it’s sure to win over the palates of all who savor it.

All our Craxi farmer’s Gouda cheeses are still made traditionally with raw cow’s milk on the cheese farm in the Netherlands.

Type and origin of our artisanal Gouda Cheese with Truffles:

Craxi truffle cheese country of originThe Netherlands
Type of milkCow
Milk treatmentRaw milk
Type of rennetNatural
Type of cheeseSemi-hard
Ripening period2 months
Weight±0.50 Kg
Price€ 11.75

The dimensions of our small artisanal Gouda cheese wheels with herbs and spices.

What are the measurements of this cheese wheel?

Craxi Gouda cheese wheel with truffle:Dimensions:
Height of the cheese wheel±7,0 cm
Diameter of the cheese wheel±10,3 cm

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Location Craxi Gouda cheese shop: Mercado de la Merced, Stall 14, Calle Merced, 4, 29012 Málaga, Spain.

Can’t you come to our artisanal Gouda cheese shop in the historic center of Malaga? Order this delicious cheese with black truffles from us online quickly and easily in our cheese webshop. The days we send our cheeses from Malaga to the Spanish Peninsula are:

  1. Monday – Shipping day of Craxi Gouda in Spain with DHL
  2. Tuesday – Shipping day of Craxi Gouda in Spain with DHL
  3. Wednesday – Shipping day of Craxi Gouda in Spain with DHL
Whole cheese wheels with black truffle. Gouda cheese with truffle from raw cow's milk weight of the cheese wheel ±0.50Kg Price per cheese €11.75

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