Our artisan spicy cheese is made at the cheese farm.

Artisan Gouda spicy cheese made from raw cow’s milk.

Our Gouda farm cheeses are still made according to a centuries-old tradition on a cheese farm in the Netherlands.

On the cheese farm, we make not only the large cheeses of 12 kilos but also small cheeses of a pound and a kilo.

The small gouda cheese wheels that we make are made in the same traditional way as our large cheeses.

Small cheese wheels of one pound and one kilo Dutch Gouda farmer’s cheese 48+ with chilies that leave a spicy aftertaste on the tongue.

The dimensions of our small baby and kilo spicy gouda farm cheeses with chilies.

Baby Gouda cheese wheel: weight ±500gr±7,0 cm±10,3 cm
1 Kilo Gouda cheese wheel: weight ±1000gr±7.5 cm±13.7 cm

These delicious and small artisanal gouda cheese wheels with herbs are ideal to surprise that special someone who is dear to you!

I love you artisan gouda cheese, spicy cheese in small one pound and in one kilo cheese wheels

Full belly, happy heart. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach…..

But of course also to be used on a cheese board or with a good glass of wine. Gouda cheese is also very suitable to use in a recipe, but also delicious on a good piece of bread or just as a snack!

The price per piece for a small baby and kilo wheel of spicy gouda farm cheese.

Prices of small spicy Gouda cheeseWeightPrice
Baby Gouda cheese wheel± 500 grams€ 9,60
1 kilo Gouda cheese wheel± 1000 grams€ 19,20

A pitufo with spicy gouda farm cheese.

With our gouda farm cheese with herbs, the possibilities are numerous for the malagueños and malagueñas who want to create their own special pitufo.

What is a pitufo?

This is one of the most typical expressions from Malaga. Though pitufo literally means “smurf,” in this case it refers to a little bun. A pitufo is especially popular for breakfast but also for a late afternoon snack.

How do you eat it? It’s simple however you want! You can have your pitufo with olive oil and tomato, with ham, cheese (melted) with butter and jam, and basically anything in between.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form on the website.

Buy here at the mercado de la merced, malaga the tastiest Gouda farm raw milk cheese

Our gouda farm cheeses are available in our Dutch Craxi Gouda cheese shop in Malaga.

Address Mercado de la Merced, Stall 14, Calle Merced, 4, 29012 Malaga, Spain.

Artisan Dutch Gouda cheese price by weight & ripening time.

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